Survey: Europeans favor greater national power to reject EU policies

Survey: Europeans favor greater national power to reject EU policies
European Commission HQ, Brussels. (Image: Am9io Cajander via Wikimedia Commons, Flickr:

[Ed. – Express calls this a “shock poll” — of course, that’s Express for you — but it’s not really surprising.  It was the very devil to get the Lisbon Treaty implemented, because virtually all the national voters opposed its overweening policy centralization.  Europeans aren’t unified in any anxiety to disband the union, but they prefer their national prerogatives on a lot of matters.]

A majority of people surveyed in major member states including Germany, France and Italy believe eurocrats’ powers to force laws on them should be significantly restrained.

However, at the same time many indicate they are prepared to accept further integration of the bloc including handing the EU more powers over migration, defence and their economies.

The results, which will be cautiously welcomed in Brussels, come in a massive survey carried out by the German think tank Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) published today. …

[M]ost people want to see their national parliaments handed the power to veto EU regulations that are not in their interest.

The researchers interviewed people in Germany, Spain, Slovakia, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Sweden and the Czech Republic for the biennial survey, which was last carried out in 2015. …

[A] significant contingent of a third of voters believe that member states should be in principle be allowed to control and restrict immigration from other EU Countries.

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