Man pepper sprays participants in NC Soldiers Reunion Parade

Man pepper sprays participants in NC Soldiers Reunion Parade
Pepper spray perp, Newton, NC. (Image: Screen grab of WSOC 9 video)

[Ed. – Well, that didn’t take long.  Now every civic event, no matter how benign, is fair game.]

Thousands filed into Newton Thursday afternoon for the 128th annual Soldiers Reunion Parade.

During the parade, Channel 9 saw that one man with a gun was taken into custody. Eyewitness News reporter Dave Faherty witnessed the incident and said the man went over to some Civil War re-enactors and pepper sprayed them. …

Two parade participants notified police that a man with pepper spray was following the Confederate veteran re-enactors.

The two complainants said that when the re-enactors would stop to discharge their weapons, the man would discharge his pepper spray. …

“He just walked up to the backside of the fellas that were fixing to do the salute,” witness Amanda Chandler said.

Karl Smith, 56, of Morganton, was charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault and was also cited because he did not tell officers he had a gun on him.

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