Rutgers Law School hires three ‘social justice scholars’: The reason behind the move is hilarious

Rutgers Law School hires three ‘social justice scholars’: The reason behind the move is hilarious
School for fainthearts.

[Ed. – Chancellor Nancy Cantor told Campus Reform that her goal train was to ‘educate a diverse cadre of civic leaders and advocates to bring our country together.’ There’s some fascinating logic. One of the factors accounting for the current bitterly divisions is the incessant whining from the Left over imaginary grievances. Hiring more grievance mongers will somehow alleviate that problem?]

Rutgers Law School recently announced the hiring of three “social justice scholars” who will help students “work for social justice throughout their careers.”

According to a university press release on the matter, the new hires will bring an extensive “record of impact” in social justice work to the school, a standard upon which Rutgers Law prides itself.

“With these three new colleagues joining a faculty already historically committed to using the law as an instrument to advance social justice, the Law School will be even better poised to have a positive impact in our communities and on our students,” remarked Co-Dean Ronald K. Chen.

Indeed, the school touts on its website that the goal “for all Rutgers Law School students” is “to develop the skills and inclination to work for social justice throughout their careers, whether in a public interest setting or through pro bono work,” a task the social justice scholars are eager to help fulfill.

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