Eyewitness exclusive: Leftist protesters used rocks, urine, feces, battery acid in Charlottesville

Eyewitness exclusive: Leftist protesters used rocks, urine, feces, battery acid in Charlottesville
(Image: Screen grab of CBS News video, YouTube)

[Ed. – More of what you won’t hear from the MSM.  The information from Denise Freeman brings to life the mayhem going on in Charlottesville on Saturday — considerably more than one would be led to believe from listening to the MSM.  The media have focused almost exclusively on the vehicle attack.  But where Freeman was, the problem preceded that attack and involved dozens of people fighting with each other.]

In an exclusive interview with the Conservative Firing Line on Thursday, Denise Freeman, a former registered nurse (RN) from North Carolina who was literally in the middle of the melee that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, confirmed that leftist protesters were extremely violent, hurling rocks, eggs, frozen water bottles, urine, feces and what she believes to be battery acid.

Freeman went to Charlottesville as part of a contingent from the APV (American Pit Vipers) III Percenter organization.  According to Freeman, the group was there after having contacted local law enforcement and did not take sides in the protest. …

Her job was to provide assistance to anyone who might need medical attention.

And, it turns out, her services were needed — by both sides in the the fight.

Freeman told me she and her colleagues pulled and treated injured protesters from both sides, sometimes working in the middle of the street as combatants clashed around her.  In all, she said, they treated well over two dozen people. At one point, they attended over 5 people at one time in the street.

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