Dear white women, there is nothing heroic about not having sex with Nazis

Dear white women, there is nothing heroic about not having sex with Nazis

[Ed. – Glad we got that vital question cleared up.]

A popular joke circulating alongside images of the white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville, Virginia is that the men look as though they’re not getting laid. White women on the Internet braggadociously proclaimed that these men would never be able to sleep with them, framing their withholding of their sexual capital as a form of resistance to these men’s ideals.

This threatened “punishment” of racist men is, efficacy-wise, the verbal equivalent of sticking your tongue out with your thumbs in your ears. When white women present their own desirability and sexuality as weapons against white supremacists, they gloss over their own role in racism and demand too little of themselves in fighting it. What’s more, control of white women’s sexuality has been important to white supremacist movements since their beginnings. White women declaring they’re denying white men sex reinforces the racist idea that sex with white women — and only white women — is some kind of prized commodity white men should have access to in the first place.

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