VA’s Dem Gov McAuliffe refuses to condemn Antifa attacks on journalists

VA’s Dem Gov McAuliffe refuses to condemn Antifa attacks on journalists

[Ed. – This makes McAuliffe responsible for the attacks, according to the anti-Trump logic.]

After two serious attacks on working journalists by apparent “anti-fascist” Antifa activists, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is remaining silent on leftist political violence Monday.

On Sunday, a photojournalist with WTVR, the Richmond, Virginia CBS affiliate, received staples for a head wound inflicted by a group of men who told him to “stop filming” a march through that city to protest Saturday’s Unite the Right rally of white nationalists and alt-right groups  in Charlottesville, VA.

The men can be seen in a clip posted on Twitter by WVTR reporter Laura French waving, and possibly hitting the journalist with the classic “Antifaschistische Aktion” used by violent gangs of communist and anarchist street brawlers in Europe since the 1930s. …

McAufille issued an extended denunciation of “Nazis” and “White Supremist [sic]” in the aftermath of Saturday’s aborted Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Yet then, as Monday, McAuliffe refused, multiple times, to address reporters’ questions about Antifa and other left-wing extremists.

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