Once again, Iran announces plan to deploy warships to the Atlantic

Once again, Iran announces plan to deploy warships to the Atlantic
Iranian frigate Alvand (it really is Alvand; you can see the pennant number, 71, in the video), in open ocean somewhere. (Image: Screen grab of YouTube video posted by Reza Rezaie)

[Ed. – Maybe they’ll make it this time.  Iran has been claiming to deploy to the Atlantic Ocean since 2014, but the “deployments” have yet to be attended by any actual evidence.  Admiral Habibollah Sayyari spoke vaguely over the weekend of having actually gotten to the Atlantic, possibly referring to the latest iteration of the Atlantic-deployment theme from late 2016 (link above).  It’s possible an Iranian frigate did peek briefly around South Africa then, but there was never any evidence of it.  Literally: even Iran posted no evidence, such as photos in a verifiable location, embassy postings, or news notices from local sources where Iranian media claimed the warships had called en route (Tanzania, South Africa).  And the local news services recorded no such events.  Maybe Iranian warships will finally bust out this year — although now seems an inauspicious time to visit Venezuela.  Perhaps Cuba or Nicaragua.]

Meanwhile, following several aggressive encounters with U.S. military vessels in the Persian Gulf, Iranian military leaders announced that they would be leading a flotilla of warships into the Atlantic Ocean.

“No military official in the world thought that we can go round Africa to the Atlantic Ocean through the Suez Canal but we did it as we had declared that we would go to the Atlantic and its Western waters,” Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari was quoted as saying over the weekend.

“We moved into the Atlantic and will go to its Western waters in the near future,” Sayyari said.

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