Some French rethinking their new Jupiterian president, feeling ‘duped’

Some French rethinking their new Jupiterian president, feeling ‘duped’
BFFs do Paris. (Image: Twitter via CNSNews)

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Members of Macron’s own party are alleging that the French president duped his own supporters while paying people to show up at his rallies.

His party, En Marche, is a “giant swindle,” according to one supporter.

Daily Express:

EMMANUEL MACRON duped supporters to get to the top and his En Marche! movement will fail to live up to expectations, his own party members have blasted.

The damning verdict will come as a blow to the French President whose reputation has been left battered after poll results revealed his popularity has plunged after just 100 days in office. …

[M]embers of the En Marche! party say it was a “giant swindle” and claimed people were even paid to take part in rallies supporting President Macron.

Tiphaine Beaulieu, a French teacher who joined the party earlier this year, said: “In the eyes of activists and elected officials who support them, En Marche is starting to look like a masquerade, a giant swindle based on praiseworthy values that only serve marketing purposes.”

She told politics news site supporters were duped by a “startup culture”. …

The French president’s approval rating is at a dismal 36%…

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