Rob Reiner: Trump’s an ‘accessory’ to murder by ‘stoking this stuff’

Rob Reiner: Trump’s an ‘accessory’ to murder by ‘stoking this stuff’
Man knows his morons. (Image: s_bukley, Shutterstock)

[Ed. – Give Reiner credit. He was obviously going for comic relief in the wake of a tragedy.]

MRC’s Brent Baker caught a nasty attack from Hollywood director Rob Reiner on MSNBC’s airwaves Saturday after the news broke that a woman counter-protesting white supremacists was hit and killed by a car backing up at extreme speed. …

Reiner started out with a typical liberal lament, that Trump wasn’t calling out white nationalists like other Republican leaders:

ROB REINER He’s looking at the people that got him there, and that’s all he cares about. I mean, you mentioned it earlier, Joy, you had Marco Rubio, Orrin Hatch, Paul Ryan – all saying the right thing. But he’s the president of the United States, and he needs to condemn these groups. …

But then he lurched into the blaming the president for the automotive homicide:

REINER: Well, this is like, a person died today, and so, he didn’t shoot him, but you could consider him an accessory, in a sense, because he’s been stoking this stuff for years! So unless he comes out in a full-throated condemnation of what we saw today, then, and risk losing these people, then he’s not the president of what we know as president of the United States.

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