Is Trump maneuvering a 53rd GOP senator into office – before 2018?

Is Trump maneuvering a 53rd GOP senator into office – before 2018?
Destroyer of worlds? (Image via

[Ed. – These clever plots usually have a way of fizzling out.  But speculation is always good fun.  Note that the initial reporting is from The Hill.  H/t: American Thinker]

I do not like West Virginia’s Senator Joe Manchin, D-All For Himself.

But rumor has it President Trump will move Rick Perry over to Homeland Security, and then pick Manchin to run the Department of Energy. The deal apparently hinges on Governor Jim Justice appointing a Republican to replace Manchin. …

Justice switched parties a few days ago.

From the Hill:

If Manchin were to take over at the Energy Department, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, a former Democrat who earlier this month switched to the GOP, would be able to appoint a Republican to replace Manchin in the Senate.

Such a move would expand the GOP’s majority in the chamber, potentially boosting Republicans’ efforts to repeal and replace ObamaCare. A repeal and replace bill failed by one vote last month after three Republicans voted against it.

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