‘Fat identity,’ and the safe spaces for it

‘Fat identity,’ and the safe spaces for it
Detail, Queen Victoria by Winterhalter, 1859.

[Ed. – You knew this was only a matter of time.  Next up: fat people identifying as thin (if white people can identify as black, and men can identify as women, and grown men can identify as six-year-olds, and women can identify as cats…why not?).  There are thin people who already identify as fat, of course.  They typically have anorexia.  Which is still designated a disorder.  But there’s no valid reason why, if it isn’t a disorder to be a woman and think you’re a man.  Meanwhile, I continue to identify as Queen Victoria.  You may call me “Your Majesty.”]

Montclair State University offers a “weekly discussion group” exclusively for LGBTQ students who are “fat-identified.”

The discussion group, colloquially referred to as “F.A.B.” (“Fabulous and Big”), is just one of several identity-related discussion groups put on by the school’s LGBTQ Center, some of which are “open to anyone” while others are described as “confidential spaces designed solely for people who share the identity of that specific group.”

According to the school’s description, the “Fabulous and Big” discussion group is open to all “LGBTQ+ individuals who describe themselves as bigger-bodied, fat-identified, plus-size, chubby, [or] thick” to “discuss issues relevant to the community, examine intersections of identity, and discuss experiences.”

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