Mike Huckabee: Maxine Waters is the answer to the North Korea problem

Mike Huckabee: Maxine Waters is the answer to the North Korea problem
Maxine Waters (Image: MSNBC video screen grab)

Talking heads on television and politicians all across the country are flapping their gums about North Korea. They each try to explain the threat and then come up with the solution on how to fix the problem. Maxine Waters and Susan Rice both think that the United States should appease Kim Jong Un and that we should give them something in return for their promise not to cause trouble.

So what was formar [sic] Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s solution to the North Korea problem? Well, we launch Maxine Waters into North Korea and have her talk to Kim. Within a half hour he will kill himself.

According to The Hill:

He appeared to be referring to the poisoning of the North Korean leader’s half-brother Kim Jong Nam. South Korea’s spy agency said in February it believes Kim Jong Un ordered the killing.

The comments come amid escalating rhetoric between Pyongyang and Washington.

Trump said Tuesday that continued North Korean threats would be met with “fire and fury.”

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