‘We just didn’t know’: NY Times won’t take responsibility for its error on climate ‘scoop’

‘We just didn’t know’: NY Times won’t take responsibility for its error on climate ‘scoop’

[Ed. – Tough times for the MSM. First CNN is forced to retract in its entirety a story that a Trump adviser was under investigation for Russia ties. Now this.]

The Times is under fire for its un-factual report that the Trump administration was suppressing a draft of a climate change report that, oops, had been posted on the Internet in January, making it comical to read the boast “A copy of it was obtained by the New York Times,” as if the Internet was a secret hideaway. The Times removed that sentence from its report, but maintains the language that anonymous scientists are afraid Team Trump will suppress the report.

The only thing suppressed are the identities of the anti-Trump activists. What the Times created was….Fake news.


The lowlight of the piece was [Times Washington bureau chief Elisabeth] Bumiller professing that the newspaper’s ignorance was a defense:

“We were just not aware that somebody involved in the report had put a draft on this nonprofit Internet site,” she says. “It was not a well-known site to us and the point is that the people who shared the draft with us were not aware of it either. That doesn’t change the larger point that scientists were worried that the government wouldn’t approve the report or release it through normal channels.”

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