The future of the Democratic Party is … white guys?

The future of the Democratic Party is … white guys?
Jon Ossoff (Image: YouTube screen grab via MSNBC)

[Ed. – The author, a woman, begins by declaring, ‘Yuck, white boys!’ Then she goes on the enumerate qualities of said white boys that remind her of Barack Obama … which, in her view, is good. Which leaves you wondering whether this article is about anything.]

In the past few months, Democrats have been on a search for saviors who can lead them out of the wilderness. … I’ve noticed that a particular crop of white young men from state-level offices have captured national attention. Their prominence, coupled with their appeal to a certain kind of voter, has left me wondering what these men say about the strategic direction of the Democratic Party.

Self-possessed, serious, maybe a little self-serious — these politicians seem to be taking stylistic cues from the dominating political figure of their era, President Obama. Army veteran Jason Kander proved masterful in creating a compelling personal political narrative during his bid for a Missouri Senate seat; a campaign ad showing him assembling a rifle while blindfolded went viral. Jon Ossoff, who ran in a special House election in Georgia, admitted that his careful parsing of language, often about Americans coming together, made him sound a little like Obama. Tom Perriello, a candidate in the Virginia gubernatorial primary, spent formative time abroad and came home adamant about creating a new kind of Democratic politics. …

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