The cruel social-media shaming of Malia and Sasha Obama

The cruel social-media shaming of Malia and Sasha Obama
Author Ira Madison III (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – The back story is pretty straightforward. A photo of Sasha Obama kissing a young man named Matt Metzler was posted on Instagram. The author rightly starts off reminding readers that president’s children are off-limits before launching into a tirade on ‘right-wing vultures who refer to themselves as “reporters”’ and about ‘how the black body is treated in white spaces.’]

It’s apparent that the person who leaked the image of Sasha and Metzler was a friend. It was shared via Snapchat, with the caption: “Matt gonna get Sasha Obama.” Either it was a friend of both of theirs or at least a friend of Matt’s—one he felt comfortable enough having around him and the former president’s daughter. It’s eerily similar to last year, when Malia was caught smoking a joint at Lollapalooza, and two years ago when Snapchats of her playing beer pong during a visit to Brown University materialized online. …

Would the Obama girls growing up in a black space have prevented these leaks? Perhaps. People who relate to you on a cultural and social level tend to not treat you like a circus attraction and put your intimate moments online for everyone to see. But it must be incredibly hard for Malia and Sasha to develop friendships under such public scrutiny, and it constrains the circles they must continue to move in.

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