Ex-Planned Parenthood director: We ‘sold’ aborted babies for $200 each

Ex-Planned Parenthood director: We ‘sold’ aborted babies for $200 each
What was refuse from "abortion care" in the Gosnell clinic is a money-maker for Planned Parenthood. (Image via Daily Mail)

[Ed. – Surely harsh, horrifying truth can cleanse the toxic rot of a societal conscience.]

One former Planned Parenthood employee is hoping to expose America’s largest abortion provider from the inside out. And the devil’s in the details.

On Monday night, Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life activist, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to reveal how her previous employer really operates. According to Johnson, the abortion giant sold aborted babies, provided birth control with a “high human error rate” to increase abortion and created security passwords spelling “baby” as a joke. …

“Every abortion facility within Planned Parenthood has a monthly abortion quota that they must meet,” she explained. “That’s how they make their money. About 50% of their income is just cash from abortion services and so in order to keep their clinics open, they have to sell so many abortions.”

According to Johnson, abortion was Planned Parenthood’s primary focus. …

“At the affiliate where I worked, we sold the whole body for about $200 per fetus” to the company Amphioxus, she said. As an employee of Planned Parenthood’s Houston affiliate, the “largest abortion facility in the Western Hemisphere,” Johnson continued, “We had capacity to perform about 75 abortions every day, six days a week.”

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