One college is offering ‘WOKEshops’ on ‘systemic privilege’

One college is offering ‘WOKEshops’ on ‘systemic privilege’
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[Ed. –According to Urban Dictionary, ‘woke’ is ‘a state of perceived intellectual superiority one gains by reading The Huffington Post.’]

Lewis and Clark College will host a series of “WOKEshops” during the fall semester to teach students about “different forms of oppression and privilege.”

According to an advertisement for the new series, the so-called “WOKEshops” (derived from the popular social justice slang term “woke”) are designed to help participants “engage in critical reflection, dialogue with people from different backgrounds, explore various identities, and understand systemic privilege and oppression.”

The “WOKEshops,” hosted by the school’s Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement (IME), are free for students to attend and will be “primarily peer-facilitated to create a student space for dialogue.”

While the workshops will address various topics, a tweetfrom the IME encourages any students who “want to learn more about diversity” to attend.

One “WOKEshop” called “The Power of Language,” for instance, will teach students “about inclusive language and the power of words” while offering strategies “for speaking up against hurtful language.”

In a “Self Care for Social Justice Advocates” workshop, meanwhile, students are encouraged to attend if they “feel like the more ‘woke’ [they] become, the more stressed [they] are,” exploring “the ways that social advocacy adds to [their] stress and how to more fully integrate ‘rest.’”

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