Jesus depicted as transvestite for Sweden’s Pride Week. As for Muhammad…?

Jesus depicted as transvestite for Sweden’s Pride Week. As for Muhammad…?

[Ed. – Sauce the goose? It’s interesting how liberals try to rationalize their fear of radical Islam for something other than what it is. The excerpt that follows was translated from the Swedish via Google Translate.]

The so-called visual artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin is back with his controversial exhibition Ecce Homo, in which Jesus is produced as a transvestite. She will exhibit at this year’s Pride Festival. …

It was 1998 that … Wallin first made the Ecce Homo exhibition, where Jesus on various images was surrounded by gay and transvestites.

The exhibition evoked strong reactions from Christians. But now it’s back.

It is Prideveckan in Stockholm that thinks it is a suitable exhibition to show.

“It’s tempting to focus on how far we have come since I first made the pictures to Ecce Homo. But the important thing is not how far we have gone, but how far we have left. Freedom is never obvious, it has to be defended, says Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin to Stockholm Pride.


“I will never do an Ecce Muhammad. Partly because Muslims do not portray their god as we do in Christianity, partly because of the obvious risk that it will only be even more wrong. It’s a big area and so far I can not do it enough to use it in my image creation, “she told the 2009 Focus newspaper.

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