Swedish social services: ISIS fighters can be good parents

Swedish social services: ISIS fighters can be good parents
Image: ISIS video screen grab via PJ Media

[Ed. – Just some of the insanity you buy into when you welcome thousands of unvetted migrants into your country.  The point is not to have to argue that ISIS fighters are bad parents, and their children must be taken from them.  The point is to sensibly avoid having to deal with such a surreal problem in the first place.  ISIS = criminal.  Full stop.]

Sweden is seeing an increasing number of families returning from fighting for the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, but the children of extremist couples are not automatically taken into custody by the authorities.

Swedish social services worker Bettan Byvald said that even if the agency could prove that the returning Islamic State supporters had taken their children to Syria or Iraq, they would not automatically take the children into protective custody.

In an interview with Sveriges Radio, Byvald said: “All cases are assessed individually. Some of the children who came to Gothenburg from Islamic State areas have been taken care of by the social services, while others have stayed with the parents.” …

The Swedish government has…given some returnees “protected identities” to help them start new lives. Many of the returnees have still complained that they are unable to find jobs after coming back from Syria or Iraq.

The threat posed by the returnees who may either commit acts of terror or inspire others to do so is also high on the priorities of Swedish authorities. Sapo estimates that due to returning fighters and mass migration from Islamic countries the number of violent jihadists has climbed from a few hundred to thousands.

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