Death Valley sees hottest month ‘ever’ in July 2017

Death Valley sees hottest month ‘ever’ in July 2017
(Image: Screen grab of CNN video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Why, just look — it broke a 100-year-old record!  On a 4-billion-year-old earth, that’s got to count for something.  Right?  Go back before 150 years ago and we have no direct measurements whatsoever of what the daily temperatures were in Death Valley.  But sure, we can proclaim that the last 30 days set some kind of meaningful record.]

According to the National Weather Service, Death Valley National Park broke its 100-year-old record for the hottest month ever in July, when the average temperature was 107.4 degrees, eclipsing the 1917 record of 107.2 degrees. …

Though 107 degrees doesn’t sound that bad, keep in mind the average includes nighttime temperatures.

The average overnight temperature in Death Valley last month was 95 degrees.

The average daytime high was 119.6 degrees, said meteorologist Alex Boothe.

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