‘It must be so nice to be a white male’

[Ed. – Yeah, it’s great to be told day in and day out by aggrieved liberals that you ‘had your turn’ and that now you need to vanish.]

Republican commentator Ana Navarro got in a heated argument with CNN colleague and Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord on Wednesday’s broadcast of Anderson Cooper 360.

Remarking on Trump’s plan to reform the legal immigration process Navarro said, “You know, Jeff, it must be so nice to be a white male.”

“I want to address what is assimilation,” Lord said. My mother is Irish on her side of the family. So, you know, what, on Saint Patrick’s Day I have corn [sic] beef and cabbage and maybe a green beer. Trust me, I’m not Irish, I’m an American. That’s the point. There is no one in America whose an American citizen. Donald Trump. He’s German.”

“We have to move past this and not do a thing where we are in essence resegregating the country. That’s a bad thing,” Lord added.

“It must be so nice to be a white male,” the CNNer said. “What makes us wonderful here in America is that I can go celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and that you can celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Or that you can celebrate September 15th (Mexican Independence Day). And that does not define being American.”

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