What weighs on business execs’ minds now? One word: Amazon

What weighs on business execs’ minds now?  One word: Amazon

[Ed. – This is especially interesting at a time when earnings, the stock market, jobs, GDP, and consumer confidence are all on the upswing.  Yet the main thing bigwigs are talking about is the problems Amazon’s model poses for them — a negative concern, and not one obviously related to the business decisions that would have to be driving the economic surge.]  

What keeps corporate leaders up at night?

It isn’t the chaos in Washington or rising worker pay. It’s what Amazon.com Inc. is, or could be, doing to their business models, according to a Bloomberg analysis of earnings conference call transcripts. …

Looking at the last 90 days of earnings calls and other corporate events such as investor days, a trend emerges. Amazon comes up a lot. It was mentioned a staggering 635 times over that time frame, while President Trump came up just 162 times and wages were discussed 111, the earnings call data show. It’s become even more pronounced over the past 30 days, with Amazon garnering 165 mentions compared with 32 for Trump and 22 for wages.

The trend holds over the past 12 months, which encompasses the period when Trump pulled off his surprise election victory. Yet, Amazon was mentioned 1,800 times on earnings calls over that span, compared with 1,000 for Trump and 406 for wages.

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