Sen. Jeff Flake slams ‘wedge’ conservatives for Terri Schiavo

Sen. Jeff Flake slams ‘wedge’ conservatives for Terri Schiavo

[Ed. – Did somewhat start a contest among GOP legislators to see which could be the most ineffectual and/or divisive?]

Another day, another conservative blaming other conservatives for the political mess and divisions in the country.

Well, whatever gets you on Face the Nation to tout your book Conscience of a Conservative.

Not that conservatives haven’t contributed to the problem, but if there was a vitriol meter, the left would outscore the right going away.

But that’s not why I post. This always bugs me. Flake blames conservatives for engaging in wedge politics in the Terri Schiavo case.

Wrong. The Terri Schiavo federal law was one of the most bipartisan passed during George W. Bush’s presidency.

How bipartisan was it, Wesley? Well let me ask readers:

How many Democrat Senators voted no to the bill? Let’s make it multiple choice: A. 45 B. 40 C. 30 D .15 E. None of the above?

The correct answer is E: Zero Democrat Senators voted against the federal Terri Schiavo law. Not Hillary Clinton. Not Barack Obama. Not Harry Reid. Not Dianne Feinstein. None. Zero. Zilch. The bill received unanimous consent. One “nay” vote would have killed it. And the whole thing was helped forward to an agreed outcome by Democrat Senator Tom Harkin.

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