Joe Biden still wants to be president

Joe Biden still wants to be president

[Ed. – He probably still wants to balkanize Iraq into three warring factions.] 

The last six months have seen the formation of the Biden Foundation, a way for Joe and Jill to support their pet causes, and the Biden Cancer Initiative to honor Beau. The University of Pennsylvania inaugurated the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement to study international issues, and the University of Delaware the Biden Institute for domestic initiatives.

Last — but not least — there’s a new political action committee, American Possibilities, a vehicle for raising money for Democratic candidates.

And maybe for one last try at the White House in 2020…

“Do I regret not being president?” Joe said this spring. “Yes.”

With Washington in chaos and the Democrats without a standard-bearer, Joe Biden is arguably the most popular former vice president in history. His wife got a standing ovation when she appeared as a presenter at this year’s Tony Awards. Earlier this month, there was an excited buzz when the couple walked into Manhattan’s Music Box Theatre to see “Dear Evan Hansen.”

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