Why Trump has an opportunity in Kelly

Why Trump has an opportunity in Kelly
John Kelly (Image: The Hill video screen grab)

[Ed. – It’s quite simple. If Trump is willing to make Kelly the true chief, which means Kelly deals with all personnel directly, not the president, the move will bear fruit. If Trump is not willing, chaos will continue to rein in the West Wing.] 

In retired Marine General John F. Kelly, the President just got himself a no-kidding, bona fide, straight-shooting, full-tilt leader as a chief of staff.

Here’s hoping Mr. Trump knows how to use him.

Because if he taps into General Kelly’s inherent qualities, the President could actually come out on the far side of these first six tumultuous months looking pretty good. Well, better than that, actually. He could come out with a plan to achieve a heckuva lot in his next six months … and longer.

He could make a full-court press for an infrastructure bill, make some progress on tax reform.

He could get his hands around a strategy for Afghanistan and maybe even sharpen the effort against ISIS in Syria.

He might finally find a road ahead with Russia, and he will certainly find in General Kelly a man who will contribute meaningfully to the very complex challenges North Korea poses.

And here’s another item worth mentioning: with Kelly at the helm, the President might finally get his house in order.

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