I stopped googling everything, and this is what happened to my brain

I stopped googling everything, and this is what happened to my brain
Image: YouTube screen grab (via University of Utah Neuroscience Initiative)

[Ed. – Advice for the thoughtlorn]

You’re talking about movies with friends and there’s this film you must tell them about. What was it called, that one about the thing, you know, with that actor, what’s his name? You grab your phone, get your answer and conversation proceeds uninterrupted.

You solved the puzzle and all is well. But what about your brain? Is constantly feeding it the right answer  — with your phone being a bottomless Pez dispenser of factoids — making it lazy? Does it eventually atrophy? Who needs an internal memory when we’ve got Siri?

I’d do a little experiment, I decided, and stop reaching for my phone every time I needed an answer. Instead, I’d — gasp! — force myself to recall it. … I wondered, would my flaccid, idling brain get a little boost?

To find out, I asked Dr. Richard Carmona, former U.S. Surgeon General, president of the Canyon Ranch Institute, and author of “Canyon Ranch 30 Days to a Better Brain.” The answer wasn’t as cut and dried as I’d expected.

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