Democrats’ real problem isn’t their messaging — it’s their politics

Democrats’ real problem isn’t their messaging — it’s their politics
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[Ed. – The author is correct when he says that Democrats’ politics is their real problem. But it’s not, as he states in the body of the article, that Democratic pols are inconsistent on the issues. Rather it’s the issues they choose to embrace. Many like transgenderism are not only alien to the average American but lacking scientific validity.]

Bad messaging … is obviously an important factor in the Democratic Party’s current plight. But to say that messaging is the main problem for Democrats is a sign that party elite haven’t truly learned from last year, and believe that the party’s collapse has more to do with ineffectual marketing than old-fashioned politics (or lack thereof). If the party can simply come up with better slogans and social media strategies, the thinking goes, then most Americans will come to realize that the Democrats represent their best interests (i.e., people will stop “voting against their own interests”).

This mentality simply proves what two-thirds of Americans have come to feel: that the Democratic Party is out of touch. If leading Democrats were serious about looking in the mirror, they would come to see that a majority of people (including many registered Democrats) don’t know what their party stands for because half the time they don’t seem to know what they stand for.

In other words, Democratic politicians have not been particularly consistent in their political beliefs over the years. … This was obviously one of the major grievances that voters had with Hillary Clinton, who had a history of flip-flopping on the issues. …

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