FBI sources: Putin crony found in D.C. hotel room in 2015 was murdered – before he could speak to FBI

FBI sources: Putin crony found in D.C. hotel room in 2015 was murdered – before he could speak to FBI
Mikhail Lesin, another dead Putin associate.

[Ed. – The death of Mikhail Lesin was reported at the time, but the federal prosecutor ultimately decided Lesin had died of incidental injuries after getting drunk, and declined to pursue it as a murder.  FBI sources who worked the case told associates interviewed by BuzzFeed that that was an absurd conclusion, given the evidence.  The interesting thing now is the timing of Lesin’s death: November 2015.  Lesin, the founder of media conglomerate RT, was reportedly being hosted in D.C. by the U.S. Justice Department, which wanted to interview him for an investigation of how Russia used RT for state purposes.  The investigation was prompted by concerns about Russia’s political use of media, expressed by Republican Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi.  Remarkably, Lesin’s death occurred right about the time an unnamed primary opponent of Donald Trump was supposed to have commissioned the infamous “dossier” — which the unfolding evidence seems to tie more and more to Russia and the DEMOCRATS.  Stay tuned.]

But the two FBI agents — as well as a third agent and a serving US intelligence officer — said Lesin was actually bludgeoned to death. None of these officials were directly involved in the government’s investigation, but they said they learned about it from colleagues who were.

“Lesin was beaten to death,” one of the FBI agents said. “I would implore you to say as much. There seems to be an effort here to cover up that fact for reasons I can’t get into.”

He continued: “What I can tell you is that there isn’t a single person inside the bureau who believes this guy got drunk, fell down, and died. Everyone thinks he was whacked and that Putin or the Kremlin were behind it.”

In another previously unreported revelation, the two FBI agents said it was the Department of Justice that paid for the hotel room where Lesin died. DOJ officials had invited the Russian to Washington to interview him about the inner workings of RT, the Kremlin-funded network that Lesin founded, they said.

But Lesin never made it to the interview. He died the night before it was scheduled to take place.

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