‘Bombshell’ testimony this week bolsters earlier reporting that Fusion GPS worked for Russia

‘Bombshell’ testimony this week bolsters earlier reporting that Fusion GPS worked for Russia

[Ed. – Excellent summary by John Hayward.  We did have this story nearly three months ago.  What’s new this week is the testimony of Heritage Capital’s William Browder that “senior Russians” were indeed funneling money to Fusion GPS at the same time Fusion GPS was brokering the “dossier.”  Prior to Browder’s testimony to Congress, we were left to deduce the involvement of Russians with Xtreme horsepower.  Browder — who has tracked this closely because of its impact on the Heritage Capital case (involving tax fraud by Russians and theft from Heritage Capital) — says senior Russians were definitely in the picture.]

“There was some pretty staggering stuff that came out yesterday, Raheem. One was, Lindsey Graham asked [Browder] under oath, ‘Do you think that there were Russians involved in funding Fusion’s work?’ His response under oath was, in the spring and summer of 2016, they were receiving money indirectly from senior Russian government officials,” Ryun reported.

Kassam restated that Fusion GPS, a “Democrat-aligned group,” has now “admitted to receiving money from the Russians.”

“The thing that I want people to understand is, Fusion GPS calls itself an oppo research firm. They are a disinformation firm. Much of what they do is not based in reality or fact. They are hired guns to destroy the opponents of those that are paying Fusion money,” Ryun said.

“The second thing that I thought was staggering was when Chuck Grassley asked him, ‘Do you think that reporters were being paid money to push Fusion’s dossier and other lines of attack against them, regarding the Magnitsky Act?’” Ryun continued. “And he responded and said, ‘I am convinced that there are, in fact.’ He said, ‘There is one journalist that I am almost 100 percent convinced was receiving money because he was acting so far outside the bounds of journalistic ethics.’”

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