Senate stunt bill on ‘single-payer’ roundly defeated – but dozens of Dems vote ‘present’

Senate stunt bill on ‘single-payer’ roundly defeated – but dozens of Dems vote ‘present’
(Image: Fox News)

[Ed. – A cute-ish idea, dudes, but it’s time to stop messing around like kindergartners with finger paint, and get Obamacare repealed.]

The Daines amendment received a vote this afternoon, and it was unanimously defeated, 57-0.  A number of in-cycle, vulnerable Democrats voted against the awful bill, with dozens of Democrats (including several with obvious presidential ambitions) pulling an Obama maneuver by voting “present.”  Liberal members didn’t want to play along with a GOP “stunt,” but they didn’t want to go on the record against single-payer either.  Less left-wing members wanted no part of single-payer-based attacks back home, so they gave House Democrats’ plan a public thumbs-down…

Estimates suggest that a national single-payer regime — which would effectively eliminate most of the private insurance market — comes with a price tag of $32 trillion in new spending over ten years, or roughly $3.2 trillion per year.  The entire federal budget in 2016 was $3.9 trillion.  This plan would require enormous tax increases on the middle and working class, would massively disrupt or uproot most Americans’ healthcare arrangements, and would result in inferior health outcomes, driven by government-run care and rationing.  It is a very popular idea among committed statists, who comprise the base of the Democratic Party.

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