Texas Senate passes bathroom bill similar to North Carolina’s

Texas Senate passes bathroom bill similar to North Carolina’s
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[Ed. – Most importantly, the bill would mean that activists have no basis to sue anyone, as long as there are bathrooms that accommodate the sex you were born as.]

Late Tuesday, the Texas Senate gave preliminary approval to the state’s controversial “bathroom bill,” SB3.

The vote was 21-10, mainly along partisan lines, with one Democrat supporting it.

The legislation…follows a similar framework that was adopted by North Carolina—and then partially repealed. …

As the roll was called, protesters shouted and unfurled a banner that read: “Y’all means all. SB3 = death.”

The bill does not include penalties for those who violate it. Transgender Texans could not be arrested or prosecuted for using the restroom they choose. Instead, the Texas attorney general could sue local governments and schools that adopt policies permitting transgender people to use bathrooms that match the sex they identify with, regardless of whether it matches their birth certificate or state-issued ID.

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