Israel capitulates, removes metal detectors AND security cameras at Temple Mount

Israel capitulates, removes metal detectors AND security cameras at Temple Mount

[Ed. – Rewarding terrorist violence.  Never reduces terrorism or terrorist extortion.]

Work crews removed advanced security cameras along with metal detectors installed outside the Temple Mount in Jerusalem overnight Monday, in a bid to defuse rampant tensions that have set Jerusalem and the West Bank aflame in recent days. New metal barriers, for channeling people toward the entrance gates, remained in place.

The security measures had been set up last week in the wake of a terror attack at the holy site on July 14 in which terrorists used guns smuggled into the compound to kill two police officers standing guard nearby.

The removal of the new security measures followed an Israeli security cabinet decision to replace the metal detectors with security measures based on “advanced technologies,” allocating some NIS 100 million ($28 million) over a six-month period for the plan.

Reports indicated that the new technologies were a new set of advanced cameras that could detect hidden objects to replace the ones that were taken down overnight.

While reports came out quickly about the metal detectors being taken down in the early hours of Tuesday morning, the removal of the much smaller cameras went unnoticed until after dawn.

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