Finest hour: Susan Collins (R-ME) calls fellow Republican ‘unbelievably unattractive’; apologizes

Finest hour: Susan Collins (R-ME) calls fellow Republican ‘unbelievably unattractive’; apologizes
Susan Collins (Image: YouTube screen grab via C-SPAN)

[Ed. – See, at least none of these people behave themselves badly, like that unspeakable Donald Trump. Blake Farenthold ‘s original jibe about settling Senate holdouts’ health bill hash with a duel was also silly, if not quite as cutting.  The average Americans slogging away trying to afford $700 a month for their health “insurance” can be pardoned for wondering what the hell they’re paying these people for.]

Maine Republican Susan Collins has been captured on a live microphone making fun of GOP Rep. Blake Farenthold.

That’s the Texas congressman who a day earlier blamed “some female senators from the Northeast” for blocking health care legislation and said he wished he could challenge them to a duel “Aaron Burr-style.”

Making small talk at a hearing on Tuesday, Collins was overheard telling a colleague about Farenthold: “I don’t mean to be unkind but he’s so unattractive — it’s unbelievable.”

Later Tuesday, Collins apologized.

“Neither weapons nor inappropriate words are the right way to resolve legislative disputes,” she said. “I received a handwritten apology from Rep. Farenthold late this morning. I accept his apology, and I offer him mine.”

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