Agenda 21 loses: Trump HUD drops ‘zoning discrimination’ vendetta against NY county

Agenda 21 loses: Trump HUD drops ‘zoning discrimination’ vendetta against NY county

[Ed. – The policy name for the Obama campaign against suburbs is “regionalism,” and Stanley Kurtz exposed its details — and its connections to the UN’s Agenda 21 — in the 2012 book Spreading the Wealth.  A key effort in the left’s regionalist campaign has been trying to undermine local authority by alleging “discriminatory” laws and seeking to extort compliance.  The Obama HUD pursued Westchester County relentlessly.  The Trump HUD has halted that attack, accepting the mountain of evidence from the county that’s already fair and impartial.]

In a one-paragraph memo sent to Westchester recently, HUD Regional Director Jay Golden accepted the county’s latest report demonstrating that local zoning laws are race-neutral. Westchester was required to produce this “analysis of impediments” to housing as part of a 2009 legal settlement between Mr. Astorino’s Democratic predecessor, Andrew Spano, and a liberal activist group.

Mr. Astorino called HUD’s memo a “vindication,” and it is—not least because Westchester demonstrated as early as 2010 that the county didn’t have racially exclusionary zoning practices. Westchester’s residents live where they want and can afford to live. Between the 2000 and 2010 censuses (the most recent available), the county’s African-American and Hispanic populations rose 56%.

The Obama Administration had a larger social and political agenda, which was to use federal anti-discrimination law as a battering ram to rewrite local zoning laws.

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