Parents arrested for giving their newborn meth, heroin, morphine

Parents arrested for giving their newborn meth, heroin, morphine
Colby Glen Wilde and Lacey Dawn Christenson (Image:: Utah County Sheriff)

[Ed. – Sick beyond imagining]

Two Utah County parents in jail [sic] after police say they gave their newborn daughter drugs the day she was born. Police said they the couple hope [sic] to cover up that the baby was born addicted to drugs.

Colby Glen Wilde, 29, and Lacey Dawn Christenson, 26, both of Elk Ridge, Utah, face drug distribution and child endangerment charges, according to Utah County Sherrif’s spokesman Sgt. Spencer Cannon.

Investigators learned Christenson had been heavily using heroin and prescription pain medication during her pregnancy. Because of that, her child, born on April 9, was born addicted to drugs. A number of informants told investigators that parents of drug addicted babies will sometimes take either Suboxone or methadone, crush it up, then, after moistening a finger, dip that finger into the crushed drugs, and apply it to the mouth or gums of the infant in an effort to mask signs of addiction from hospital staff.

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