French are latest to complain about being left out of ‘Dunkirk’; Russians mock British ‘defeat’

French are latest to complain about being left out of ‘Dunkirk’; Russians mock British ‘defeat’
(Image: Screen grab of "Dunkirk" trailer, YouTube)

[Ed. – World so much better off now, knowing what every nut with a keyboard thinks.  I think all the critics are missing something much more important: the absence of zombies, vampires, and superheroes from the movie.  Pitiful.  Earlier action in the Dunkirk pile-on here.]

[W]hile Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk seems destined for success in Britain, it has come under fire from French critics, who claim their compatriots’ involvement in the evacuation has been downplayed.

And the Russians have also been critical, mocking it as a celebration of British cowardice – despite the fact they had a non-aggression pact with Hitler at the time.

Writing in France’s Le Monde newspaper, Jacques Mandelbaum slammed the ‘witheringly impolite’ film for its ‘purely British’ plot and ‘distressing indifference’ towards his country.

Arguing that the film, which was released yesterday (FRI), portrays the events of 1940 in a ‘spectacular but incomplete manner’, he wrote: ‘A dozen seconds devoted to a group of French soldiers defending the city… does not account for the indispensable French involvement to this mad evacuation.’ …

Meanwhile, a number of Russians took to social media to mock the depiction of the evacuation, with one writing, ‘it was not a miracle, but showcases a defeat’.

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