EU seeks to punish UK by making a mess of Brexit – and blaming it on Brits

EU seeks to punish UK by making a mess of Brexit – and blaming it on Brits
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[Ed. – Just another good reason to go ahead with the Brexit. Plus, I doubt that such shenanigans will have the daunting effect on other exit efforts that the EU partisans imagine.  Quite the opposite.]

In an article in The Times (£) Hans-Olaf Henkel, a senior German politician who is deputy head of the European Parliament’s industry, research and energy committee, accuses the European Union’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier of trying to punish Britain by making a deliberate “mess” of key elements of Brexit. …

Mr Henkel writes that the European parliament’s Brexit negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt, was responsible in “no small part for the disaster of Brexit” and “now wants to punish the British, full stop”.

“He says he doesn’t want to, but I’m afraid he does. My impression is that Mr Barnier wants to do the same. The reason is simple. They would seek to make sure that Brexit is such a catastrophe that no country dares to take the step of leaving the EU again.” …

All we are hearing, day in, day out, is how the British government is making a mess of Brexit, how they haven’t clue what they are doing or what they are up against…

Here’s a snippet from a Press Association report yesterday that you may not have read in today’s papers:

“Insiders close to the talks said EU staff were surprised at how prepared the UK side was on the detail of the issues, with negotiators going into talks with packs of papers. EU negotiators are also said to have remarked on the agility of Britain’s position since it is not pinned down by the kind of detailed position papers produced by Brussels.”

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