$4 trillion added to America’s wealth in Trump’s first six months

$4 trillion added to America’s wealth in Trump’s first six months
(Image via HuffPo)

[Ed. – Interesting figure.  It’s not GDP, of course, but rather an aggregated wealth value.  We’ll see if the stock market continues its Trump rally — but as long as minerals, energy, banking, transportation, etc keep looking up, it should.]

It’s Thursday, July 20th. As of today, Donald Trump has been president for 6 months. The media coverage of the president is overwhelmingly negative: the press remains contemptuous, and they’re pushing to get him out before he completes his first term.

Investors might think differently. The great success of the Trump presidency thus far, is not what he’s done, but what he promises to do, namely, get the economy going again.  Evidently, investors believe he might yet get it done.

Look at this: since his election win, the Trump rally has added $4.1 trillion to the nation’s wealth. Anyone with a 401k, an IRA, college savings, retirement savings, mutual funds. Anyone with a dime in the market has taken a piece of that $4 trillion.

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