Trump is right to let Obamacare die of natural causes

Trump is right to let Obamacare die of natural causes

[Ed. – The author makes a strong case. Besides, allowing Barack Obama’s signature legislative ‘achievement’ to wither and die, rather than keep it on life support until an alternative can be devised, will be make the law the centerpiece of his failed legacy. It’s hard to imagine a more fitting — or deserved — tribute.] 

President Trump has a new strategy for healthcare reform: let Obamacare crash.

It’s the right approach. Obamacare is a failed policy incongruent with economic reality.

… Obamacare is officially known, forces younger consumers to buy coverage that is both unaffordable and unappealing. It mandates health plans that lack flexibility and personal concern. It prejudices against the young and healthy in order to provide massive subsidies for older and more unhealthy Americans. And it has led to a massive and unsustainable expansion in the number of Medicaid recipients.

None of these things are in the national interest.

At present, Democrats believe Obamacare is secure. With Republicans having failed to repeal and replace President Obama’s landmark law, Democrats are in no mood to come to the table. They are content to keep pumping money into Obamacare forever.

Still, Trump has cards with which to counter this disastrous status quo. Most notably, statistics.

After all, assessing state projections for 2018 premium costs, the Avalere data analysis firm found that 41 percent of U.S. counties will have only one insurance company offering plans in 2018. Of course, premiums are also expected to rise by around 20 percent. And that’s assuming President Trump provides insurers with federal subsidies to mitigate their costs. These are bills that will bite the wallets of millions of American families.


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