Schweizer: Jack Ma deal with Jared Kushner poses legitimate national security concerns

Schweizer: Jack Ma deal with Jared Kushner poses legitimate national security concerns
(Image: Screen grab of Fox News video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Schweizer is right about this.  There’s a valid point that Ma and Kushner are both businessmen who would seek to do business regardless of who was in the Oval Office, and that makes the character of the transaction basically different from the Clinton pay-for-play racket.  Nobody would have paid Bill $500,000 for a speech if his wife hadn’t been secretary of state.  But in our increasingly interconnected world, the possibility that the family members of high officials will be doing legitimate business abroad can only grow.  It doesn’t help that Kushner holds a White House job.]

[Breitbart radio host Alex] Marlow turned to the provocative Washington Post article about Jack Ma, executive chairman of’s Chinese competitor Alibaba and one of the richest men in the world, who has been meeting with people in the White House after investing in a project with President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Noting that the Washington Post is owned by Ma’s rival Jeff Bezos of, Marlow asked if there are real concerns about corruption in Ma’s contacts with the Trump administration or if the story is a cynical attack on Ma and Trump by the Bezos organization.

“It is a legitimate story,” [Peter] Schweizer replied. “The fact that it’s broken in the Washington Post is certainly curious and interesting. I think it’s an opportunity for them to, in a sense, needle one of their rivals, but it is a real and legitimate story.” …

“Well, Jack Ma is looking to acquire assets in the United States. He wants to acquire a company, for example, that a lot of U.S. troops use to send money to their families. There are national security concerns, legitimate ones, that if a Chinese company owns that, certainly, there could be a lot of intelligence garnered by that,” he said.

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