Public museums, memorials promote ‘white heterosexual male supremacy’

Public museums, memorials promote ‘white heterosexual male supremacy’

[Ed. – ‘Tear it down. Tear them all down.’

Public museums and memorials serve our nation’s “foundational commitments to white heterosexual male supremacy,” according to two Texas A&M University professors.

Tasha N. Dubriwny and Kristan Poirot, both of whom teach Women’s Studies at TAMU, advanced the claim in a July 12 article in the Southern Communications Journal, further alleging that U.S commemorative practices serve an inherently conservative agenda.

“Scholars consistently argue that U.S. commemorative practices and traditions promote historical narratives that are inherently conservative in nature,” they write. “This is particularly true of ‘official’ sites of public memory like memorials and museums.”

Museums and memorials, they explain, “are likely to support, not challenge, mainstream democratic values and figures,” reinforcing “key aspects of American mythology, including a national dedication to equality, liberty, work, sacrifice, ingenuity, and heroism.”

The authors quickly make clear their distaste for such values, saying they “mask foundational commitments to white heterosexual male supremacy, class hierarchies, and the systemic violence used to secure them.

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