Point of order: There were no readouts of Obama conversations at G20 dinner

Point of order: There were no readouts of Obama conversations at G20 dinner
Super-private venue in which Trump and Putin held their dastardly "undisclosed" conversation at the G20. Trump changed seats at one point to sit with Melania and Putin. (Image via Gateway Pundit)

[Ed. – Of course there weren’t.  Seriously, people, you’ve got to stop taking the media’s bait on this stuff.  I know many of you don’t.  But those who do are only making yourselves miserable, and setting yourselves up to be sold downriver on much bigger issues by the MSM.  Stop it.]

When asked to explain why the White House did not provide a readout of the president’s conversation with Putin during the dinner like when Secretary of State Rex Tillerson provided a readout of the two leaders’ conversation during their private meeting during the G20 events, White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, “First of all, the first account given by Secretary Tillerson was a formal bilat, which is very different than a social working dinner with all of the leaders.” …

“As is set precedent, President Obama had a pull aside in 2011 at the G20 where there also was not a readout. In fact, ABC said at the time that it wasn’t necessary, because it was a private conversation at a social gathering,” Sanders added. …

Sanders was asked why it took so long for the administration to talk about Trump’s interaction with Putin during the dinner.

“In terms of how long, again this was a publicly disclosed event. The president participated in an official dinner of the G20 that was part of his schedule that was released publicly. Guys, he even took pictures of it. … The pictures have been replayed over and over as part of the G20 schedule, so to act as if this was some secret is just absolutely absurd,” Sanders said.

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