How Democrats won the healthcare war

How Democrats won the healthcare war
Bill Scher (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – This article represents a new level of delusion, even for Scher. ‘Many Democrats don’t appreciate’ Obamacare’s ‘durability’? Sadly, he’s not joking. The total premise — that Democrats won by refusing to support a replacement — clashes with Scher’s own earlier condemnation of the Republicans for refusing to support Obamacare back in 2009-10.]

“The mover on health care loses,” Democratic operative James Carville said in January. “To do something is to lose.” That cold-hearted political proverb has been repeatedly proven true, if the standard is short-term electoral gain. In terms of policy, it’s another story. Now that Obamacare repeal has fizzled, Democrats have officially won the eight-year health care war.

The victory was not by default. Trump might look silly blaming Democrats for the failure of repeal and replace when Republicans control all branches of government, but united Democratic resistance was critical to keeping the Affordable Care Act as law. Without a single Democrat in Congress breaking ranks, the ideologically divided Republican caucus found it impossible to stitch together a majority for a functional alternative to the status quo.

But the euphoria of victory may quickly dissipate. Despite the fact that Obamacare was signed in this decade, many Democrats don’t appreciate the bill’s history and have not internalized the lessons of its passage and durability.

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