Democrats don’t need a ‘core message’ in 2018?

Democrats don’t need a ‘core message’ in 2018?

[Ed. – The only stumbling block in this strategy is how the Democrats are going to get their non-message out. Americans no longer trust the media to tell them the truth so they can’t rely on the press to help them defame Trump. Of course, there’s always Twitter…]

… Opposing the president — or simply being the opposing party — may be enough. “History generally shows that the out party in a midterm doesn’t typically need much of a message if the presidential party is unpopular,” Kyle Kondik, managing editor of the election analysis website Sabato’s Crystal Ball, told me. “Midterms are historically referendums on the ruling party. In other words, despite the Democrats’ internal fissures, opposition to Trump may be enough in 2018 for them to make significant gains.” As the Post’s Aaron Blake pointed out on Tuesday:

Republicans ran for years on a message of “Obama is bad” and “undo what Obama did” and it worked out pretty well for them in the 2010 and 2014 midterms. Charlie Cook had this prescient quote in Rolling Stone in March 2010, when Republicans were actually in a pretty similar spot to where Democrats are right now and people were wondering what the message was:

“Does the Republican Party lack a clear leader? Absolutely. Do they lack a positive message? Of course. Do their demographics suck? Yeah,” Cook said. “But in a midterm election, none of that matters. Because midterm elections are a referendum on the party in power. And to throw one side out, you’ve got to throw the other side back in.”

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