GOP moves to end Election Assistance Commission that has outlasted original charter by 12 years

GOP moves to end Election Assistance Commission that has outlasted original charter by 12 years

[Ed. – Predictably, the left is up in arms over this.  Yet during the Bush years, the EAC, which was created in 2002 and given a 3-year charter to rescue American voters from hanging chad, came in for repeated complaints FROM DEMOCRATS, and from the left in general (see here, here, here).  The WSJ subtitle slug incorrectly says the EAC is “the sole federal agency that exclusively works to ensure the voting process is secure.”  The EAC actually has no charter to secure the voting process.  Its charter was to propose standards for voting machines and best practices, so as to minimize the likelihood of a repeat of the 2000 Florida vote recount.  Republicans have been saying for years that it has outlived its usefulness.]

The defunding move comes as the EAC is working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to examine an attack late last year on the agency’s computer systems by a Russian-speaking hacker.

House Republicans say the EAC no longer is necessary and that the Federal Election Commission could bear its responsibilities. They also say the agency’s work duplicates efforts at the Department of Homeland Security and FBI and that it improperly interferes in the right of states to conduct their elections.

“People supporting the EAC are quite frankly proponents for a greater federal role in our elections,” said Rep. Tom Graves (R., Ga.) at a June committee hearing on the proposal to eliminate the agency. “States themselves, they’re responsible for all the elections. We do not have a federally run election system.”

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