Poll: 59% of French people approved of Trump’s visit to Paris

Poll: 59% of French people approved of Trump’s visit to Paris
Donald Trump and Emanuel Macron (Image: YouTube screen grab via Bloomberg Politics)

[Ed. – Bad news for Trump haters. Although, contrary to popular opinion, ten thousand Frenchmen can be wrong, in this case, they were not. The following is a translation of the French. You can read more of the English translation by right-clicking and selecting ‘Translate to English.’]

Even though Donald Trump is controversial both at home and abroad, the French do not look unfavorably on his visit to Paris, Thursday, to attend the parade of our National Holiday this Friday. This is what we learn from the new survey “Live opinion” conducted by the Elabe Institute for BFMTV, broadcast this Wednesday.

59% of the panel questioned approve this decision, as against 40% of opponents. 1% of French people prefer not to take sides. 70% of those who voted for Emmanuel Macron in the first round of the recent presidential race approved of the invitation to the U.S. president. 69% of the electors of François Fillon are also in favor of the presence of Donald Trump in Paris. 67% of the voters for Marine Le Pen are also in accord. The latter’s assent is rather surprising because, since the election of the man who beat their candidate for the Elysee, the supporters of the President of the National Front are mostly inclined to reject his decisions.

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