EU’s solution to migrant crisis: Boat control

EU’s solution to migrant crisis: Boat control
Migrants on an inflatable craft. (Image via Tundra Tabloids)

[Ed. – Brilliant.  Because Libyans can’t, you know, come up with boats on their own.  It’s not like they’ve been seafaring for centuries across the southern Mediterranean.  Pretty much exactly the logic of so-called “gun control.”]

The European Union is allowing members to restrict sales of inflatable boats and outboard motors to Libya in an effort to stop dangerous migrant smuggling across the Mediterranean.

EU foreign ministers agreed Monday to allow member countries to ban such export or supply “where there are reasonable grounds to believe that they will be used by people smugglers and human traffickers.”

A statement said the measure will also apply to boats and motors transiting through the EU, but not to fishermen or others with legitimate need for them.

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