Comparing Trump to Nixon is unfair – to Nixon

Comparing Trump to Nixon is unfair – to Nixon
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[Ed. – Bringing out the big guns.  Carl Bernstein on the news shows, Elizabeth Drew coming out for an interview…clearly, the angle here is to establish a sense that it’s Watergate redux.]

[I]f anything, [Elizabeth] Drew has come to believe that the Trump investigation could yield even more serious abuse of power or failure to execute the office than the years’ worth of Nixon probes. What’s more, the Russia scandal, she says, “is in many ways more complicated than Watergate was,” with billionaire Trump’s finances and those of his wealthy son-in-law, Jared Kushner, still to be examined, and multiple, rapidly proliferating lines of inquiry. …

[N]ever underestimate presidential hubris—or just plain stupidity.

“My stupid theory of the case is that they’ve done such dumb things since he was inaugurated and the dumbest of all was that historic night when he fired the FBI director. Now, Nixon was a much smarter man than Trump is. Nixon read books. Nixon thought. Nixon thought about policy. You could have a coherent conversation with Richard Nixon,” Drew says. “But they both made the same mistake, which was firing your prosecutor. That was really stupid.”

Drew is clearly a critic of Trump, as she was of Nixon four decades ago. But she is not really a partisan in the sense of rooting for one of Washington’s two political teams. Rather, she’s a partisan of the process…

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