How the gender war sent one innocent victim to social security hell

How the gender war sent one innocent victim to social security hell
(Image: AP, Bradley C, Bower via Breitbart)

[Ed. – If you think this is bad, just wait till liberals get finished reconfiguring the number system, eliminating zero and adding the number blcch.]

Talk about a bureaucratic nightmare.

Stacy Harp, who hosts Bible News Radio with her husband, Randall Harp, is just trying to transfer the Social Security payments for her father, Clayton Perrotte, from Florida to Tennessee.

Sounds pretty straight-forward — yes?

Well get this: Harp can’t get it done. Because somewhere along the line, somewhere in the rifling of Perrotte’s records in 1987, somebody checked the wrong box on his file and viola, his male gender was mistakenly changed to female. Now, before she can become her father’s representative payee — before she can even file the documentation needed for that — Harp has to first prove her father’s gender.

This is not an easy feat.

In fact, as Harp put it to me, the entire process has been “insane.”

In the eyes of the government, Harp’s dad is now a she. But even though he’s not — even though factually speaking, biologically speaking, he’s still a he — the Big Bureaucrats in the Sky have noted in their files otherwise.

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