No, 44 states didn’t reject Trump’s Election Integrity Commission, as claimed by CNN headline

No, 44 states didn’t reject Trump’s Election Integrity Commission, as claimed by CNN headline

[Ed. – David Steinberg does a terrific takedown here, showing how CNN left an utterly false impression with its headline, while including some — but not all — relevant, correct information in the body of its story.  There’s much more at the link.  A must-read.  All emphases original to Steinberg’s article.]

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has been selected as vice chairman of the [Presidential Advisory Committee on Election Integrity]. At the end of June, Kobach sent the same letter to all fifty states.

The letter included this request:

[I]n order for the Commission to fully analyze vulnerabilities and issues related to voter registration and voting, I am requesting that you provide to the Commission the publicly available voter roll data for [your respective State], including, if publicly available under the laws of your state

Do note that Kobach included the pivotal words “publicly available,” and that he redundantly included the pivotal words “publicly available” twice…

Just in case anything sentient still wasn’t clear on the core concept, CNN invited Kobach to appear on Anderson Cooper’s show. And lo, Kobach declared:

Whatever a person on the street can walk in and get, that’s what we would like.


Kobach has established that the committee is only after a certain type of information previously defined, and CNN, in its article, reports on the actual contents of Kobach’s letter, and on his two public comments, one of which was given to CNN itself.

But they then slapped the headline “Forty-Four States and DC Have Refused To Give Certain Voter Information to Trump Commission” on that article, along with a few sentences of narrative — false narrative — that backed the headline.

Why was that narrative false?

Well, because, as CNN reported just a couple column inches away … Forty-four states did not refuse to turn over “certain information” to Kobach BECAUSE KOBACH HAD NOT REQUESTED THAT “CERTAIN INFORMATION.”

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